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H-1021 Budapest

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A family behind the company - Aunt Ilcsi, after whom Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. was named, began her career in cosmetics in 1958. She established the firm with the help of her son, Ferenc Molnár, in 1984. In this classic family enterprise Aunt Ilcsi herself, with her son, collected the ingredients and produced, developed and sold the products. Thanks for the continuous growth and development, the range of Ilcsi professional products has remarkably increased to a portfolio of over 140 products from an original 28, and at present, the firm employs 30 people which is an outstanding achievement by any standard.

The products of the Ilcsi organic skin care are made in small batches from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits and vegetables and containing the highest possible levels of natural active ingredients. For more than 50 years of practice and through extensive nutritional, dermatological, dentological and biophysical research these potent, natural ingredients have effectively demonstrated their therapeutic and beautifying capability, resulting in clear, balanced and glowing complexions.

Aunt Ilcsi has developed a special and unique approach within the cosmetics profession through several decades of work. This approach includes a unique concept to skin diagnosis, utilization of active ingredients from plants as a solution to skin problems, and even providing advice on diet and lifestyles.

As a result of nearly a 50-year experience this exotic organic skin care line has rightly become a well-known professional cosmetic brand not only in Hungary but in many other countries in the world.

The mission statement of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs
Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs Ltd. is a company producing professional, organic and problem-solving cosmetics under the brand name of Ilcsi and Ilike, with the help of technical and experience based know-how, and providing high quality training for members of the profession in order to ensure effective remedy for bodily and psychological problems and complexes resulting from skin disorders by means of purely natural treatment.

Ilcsi’s philosophy is simple and natural
We believe that a solution can be found in nature for any skin problems. Hence the Ilcsi professional organic cosmetics are always made from fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and thermal water, thus these do not act through extracts but live active ingredients. The wide range of Ilcsi cosmetics is offered to those who prefer natural skin care solutions. We respect all kind of living beings, therefore no animal experiments are carried out during the development of our products, and we do not use any substances of animal origin.