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GEODERMŪ (Organic cosmetic)

GeodermŪ was founded in 1998 with the objective of providing natural and organic highest quality products, thereby offering the consumer a product with quality assurance and adequate sanitation. From its humble beginnings and with an increased investment in technical resources, facilities and human resources, Natural Solter Laboratories have.

Our products go beyond not only because they are 100% natural and organic, and the highest quality, but because they are specially formulated to ensure that your skin regains its balance, elasticity and luminosity of nutrition naturally.

More committed to the health of the skin and always looking for harmony between man and nature, GEODERMŪ in their formulations on the one hand, a unique complex called complex DELOURŪ, a potent antioxidant and multivitamin complex that regulates the transepidermical water loss (TEWL) avoiding the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, thus protecting it naturally from 100% aggression by external agents and free radicals that cause aging wrinkles.

On the other hand, GEODERMŪ uses the excellent properties of natural essential oils, including aromatherapy in the quest for perfect balance of health and harmony.

The same laws Nature apply at its own biologic processes of creation and re-creation are the ones that Natural Solter Laboratories drop played on their R&D facilities for finding the essence of knowledge of the natural balance of the skin.

The philosophy of organic cosmetics is our primary goal, ensuring, from the origin of raw materials to the end of the production process, to satisfy all the conditions that guarantee respect for the environment and consumers get a product with the highest quality 100% natural, showing our work and our efforts on achieving our goal through the prestigious certification company IONC-BDIH Standard, under a responsibility to ensure strict quality control that the product is 100% natural and environment friendly. Taking into account all this, GEODERMŪ products are developed and produced according to the following principles:

* Active ingredients of natural origin, mainly of organic growing.

* No dyes, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives (such as the parabens or imidazolidinyl urea).

* Without mineral oil, paraffin or synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum or petrochemical (silicones, ethoxylated raw materials, PEG).

* No substances or active ingredients derived from dead animals.

* Products not tested on animals.

Our aim, the development of organic products that really care, fuss over, hydrate, beautify and nourish the skin without causing any damage, without adding synthetic products that may irritate or hurt, with the sole aim of achieving a beautiful, healthy, hydrated, bright and in perfect health skin.

To achieve our goal we have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team to develop, design and product evaluation. Count with the latest, currently available in some high-tech clean rooms, with an area of 480 square meters. These white rooms, or clean rooms, are designed to monitor and maintain minimum levels of pollution, control temperature, humidity and pressure, where we base the manufacturing of our products on clean friendly production processes, managing at all times the whole process under a strict quality management control system.